From 2011 to 2016, Cinema Club ran as a monthly screening series which aimed at providing an ongoing, supportive venue for emerging filmmakers to share their work. After a hiatus, we felt that an update was needed to fill the void left by CC’s absence.

Today New Cinema Club picks up where the old CC left off, as both a real world showcase and an online platform for inspiring contemporary cinema. While based in New York City, we welcome films from all over.

In addition to a monthly screening series, New Cinema Club intends to offer more to both burgeoning and established creators in the form of communal engagement, networking, and practical actual support. All of the pieces we program will get reviewed, providing filmmakers with literature to support their work. Film submissions are free, and our events won’t have a cover (but there will be suggested donations).

Most importantly, by making contemporary independent cinema accessible and relevant to the everyday politics of day-to-day life, we hope to strengthen the presence of images in our lives. By engaging in open, strong, and vulnerable conversations about the moving image, we can learn more about each other and ourselves.